Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My pool is green what do I do?

A: A green pool can be cleared easily, quickly and inexpensively with the following actions,

  1. Lower the PH well below normal. This usually requires ½ to 1 gallon of pool acid.
  2. Brush the entire pool and get the algae waterborne and off the pool service.
  3. Clean the filter cartridge or backwash it if it is a sand or DE filter.
  4. Add enough liquid chlorine or dry equivalent to raise the concentration to 20-30 ppm (usually 2-6 jugs).
  5. Run the pool 24 hours without interruption. 

You should have a clear pool after all of this with perhaps some dead algae on the bottom. If the pool is fiberglass or a vinyl liner you will need to add a PH increaser to bring the PH back to the normal range.  A concrete, diamond brite or marcite pool will come back up on its own.  If you need more help call our office for assistance.  It is free and we are here to help!!!!!

Q: How long should I run my pool pump to keep my pool clean and sanitized?

A: Four to six hours in the winter and 8 hours during the summer.

Q: I want to buy a pool cleaner/vacuum, which is the best?

A: The Zodiac Barracuda G3.  All others are inferior in performance and maintenance costs.  Two things matter with a self cleaner – how much it restricts the water flow to the pump and the cost to maintain it.  The Barracuda has only ONE moving part which is easy to replace and lasts for a long time.  It also presents the least water restriction to the pump which matters greatly on larger pools with more powerful pump/motor combinations.  All other brands have more moving parts and are more difficult to repair.  The Hayward Navigator is the WORST choice.  It restricts water flow the most and is very expensive to maintain because it has many, many moving parts.  All pool cleaners are similarly priced for purchase so there is very little difference in cost to purchase.  Our second choice is the Starite Great White for reasons stated above.

Q: How often should I replace my filter cartridge?

A: On a typical pool it should be once a year.  All cartridges reach a point where fine embedded dirt will collect deep within the pleats of the cartridge.  Once this happens it is impossible to get it clean to perform correctly.  It may look clean on the outside but it will not be clean on the inside and will not flow enough water to maintain your pools cleanliness.

Q: How much water should I expect my pool to lose through evaporation?

A: One quarter to one half inch per week in the WINTER.  Winter is the evaporation season not summer as many people think.  Most pools shouldn’t lose any water over the summer and in fact you will find yourself draining the pool instead.

Q: Will you share my personal information?

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