Our Services

Pelican Pools is a one stop shop for all your pool service needs.  We are one of the largest pool service and repair providers in South Florida.  As a Pelican Pools customer this offers you many advantages over the typical one man pool operation, including:

  • Superior service and turn around time when you have a pool or spa problem.  We typically provide service calls within 24 hours of customer contact.  Often times even within the same day.

  • Industry leading expertise in diagnosing and repairing pools/spas.  With such a large volume of clients we see a much wider range of problems and have developed expertise to solve them, something smaller operations simply do not have the exposure to and resources to address.

  • With the exception of new pool construction, there is hardly a service related to pools and spas we cannot provide.  In the rare circumstance where we do not directly provide a service we have well developed relationships with other pool professionals that can meet your needs.
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